Friday, August 24, 2007


it is not just a photo that you see but time captured in a single click of a camera with perfection. it is all about the beauty you can capture in that second and the world that it reveals at the first glance. this beauty lies in the honesty and originality of the moment as well as the thought. the colours it blends adds life, the colours it avoids depicts emotions. it speaks volumes. its an outlet for the long buried desire to explore beauty in its best form. its a matterof time. its a matter of sincerity. its a matter of purity. be true to it and you can be true to yourself!

Friday, August 10, 2007

rehearsed, mocked, and submitted.
being oppressed under the expectations
to be what i am. but i am scared.
of the reality,of each moment
that consistently tries to kill me.
the resistence is too weak
and also an escape to the safer side.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

live life

i want to live. live for a passion. and a dream. and to achieve everything that is beautiful no matter how ugly the path to it, is. i want to eliminate everything that is unpleasant around me. i want to make this world a better place for myself and others. i want to fly in the sky high above the rest. i want to achieve the unreachable. i want to empower freedom. i want to set myself free and follow the free course of destiny. i want to carry the world with me. i want to .....
i want to bring about a change for the better; for myself and everybody around me. so that i can make life worth living. for myself and for others!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

that's life!

i learnt life is beautiful if surrounded by beautiful people.
life is beautiful if gifted with a smile.
life is beautiful if confined to joys.
but life is even more beautiful if it is made so.
it is beautiful when succumbed with injuries
it is beautiful when enclosed in the dark.
it is more enthusiastic when it is rough and you get tough.
it is more worthwhile if you follow your passion.
even more if you live for it.
if you treasure the little moments of fulfillment.
the little accomplishments that welcome you each day.
the little moments of joy.
it is even more beautiful if you make life beautiful for others.