Monday, May 23, 2011

Counting my days by the calendar is not the option I have to myself,

In fact, I have almost forgotten what day is it today-

Not that at other times I remember it- Just a thought

Which seems more relevant today than it ever was!

I have made commitments and taken responsibilities-

What do they give me? I have not been able to define in absolute words.

Still I must do it- I know they drive me to push my limits every time.

I am inspired by motivation? I don’t think so,

It is the fear of failure that drives me stronger each time.

I stand up after falling just to prove what I am worth,

Do I have to do that or not, is not something I have thought of,

Nor do I want to think of it, because if I get an answer,

May be I wouldn’t know what drives me, or rather,

I would not want to accept what drives me.

May be in answering certain questions I would not be able to

Look at my self with the same self esteem that I think I have,

But is the fear of my own un-acceptance of my belief

Really the solution I am looking for?

May be it is not! But till the moment I do not have the time

To think of answers to these questions and sink them in

I will believe them to be true.

This way, at the least, I can believe that there is something

That I stand for!