Wednesday, April 29, 2009

for some weird reason uncomprehendable by me...i like these set of pictures!
this was the scene at my college when parikrama performed.the crowd was hysterically enthusiastic. my attention was equally divided to the crowd.

a little trick the night mode of my friend's camera.did not know it would come out well.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

this was my mom's to-buy list at the handicraft store. the mehandi applied for the wedding she had attended had not faded off as yet. and she was already gong crazy shopping for her relatives.
while my mom was busy shopping for some nice local handicraft specimen, i was trying searching for a nice frame for my photographs.this is what i came up with!though this picture didn't receive much apreciation from my mom, because they happen to be her hair!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

People follow this common practice of forgetting me. Just when I think I am not alone, I realize I have no one. Looking around reminds me of the failure that I try to forget each moment. Only to realize, that I may try evading from it but it is the life long reality that will possibly be the only constant.


My surroundings being evident of my inefficiencies and incapabilities, every day is a struggle to get over them; ignoring them for how long? I divert my mind off it only to end up one day in a catharsis when all of it strikes me hard. Hard enough to hurt me when I fall!


I am sick of counting my failures. Why don’t you help me get out of them instead of tying me back to all of it? All my attempts to get up are thwarted adding it as another of my failures. I can survive; I have to. Can you accept this fact before you render me useless?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

college fest-2

on the cemented driveway was this inch long puddle (not in real terms.though!)only then did i discover that the camera i was using was capable enough to take such shots. all this while i had been underestimating its capabilities.

college fest-1

I had my college fest a little time back. while waiting for my conveyance i clicked a few pictures from my friend's camera. my college has this addictive element to it.nothing really fascinating. it addicts you to certain dynamic avtivities with a subtle tinge of laziness in it. just as is the case here.i start clicking pictures randomly without wanting to move about even an inch.

two students were in a deep discussion for quite some time. they kept me glued to themselves for quite some time before i clicked this one.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Life is a puzzle i didn't know i would have to solve.