Friday, July 24, 2009

i lost myself last the dream i never saw; to the voice i did not know rested in me; to an imagination that i never thought would turn into a reality!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i wish i could upload other pictures of the same category but the size of these pictures made it a difficult task. thus, i am just putting up one from that collection. i have used my friend's camera to click this D60. i would rather say that this camera is a class in itself. this picture was clicked in the suburbs of the city, lucknow, at a small village. the bunch of kids in the village cooperated well while i was clicking their pictures with a coulpe of other friends!

Friday, July 10, 2009

now this album is a little special. my photography may not be the best here...but i have put it up on a special demand of a friend. i guess it is more about the beauty of nature that these photographs have been able to capture. though in terms of photography iw ould rate this album to be average, but on throwing a glance at the serenity of the pictures i allowed myself to put them up...all thanks to the friend who encouraged me to do it.

now the following picture happens to be even more special. i rated it as poor photography till my friend brought into my notice the shape that these clouds make. clearly, they were not my intention when i was clicking the picture on a moving vehicle. on a closer glance i noticed what she already had!
and now i see a horse (which is rejoicing, if you are to believe her).

the same friend thought that the following pictures were very serene and brought a calm feeling to oneself. so i have again put them up keeping up with her wish.

thanks buddy!
this is one of the most serene and creative adventures i have had. it was about the people i was with, the place it was and the adventure we had had. this is what made this photography trip worth it. i clicked a few unknown people at those unknown places. they treated us with ignorance at first, and then an overwhelming warmth or rather curiosity which took the shape of warmth.

the next ones would be the people who accompanied me on this city trip. i clicked them in aciton, in their moods...and the result is right here.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

as a part of the photoshoot at residency i clicked another of my friends while he was at work. i managed to capture a couple of nice shots which after a pretty long elimination process, i am updating here. while he got adventurous while clicking pictures...i got motivated by him. and in clicking his pictures i ended up with quite some adventure too...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

wild beauty

i was out for a photography assignment with my college friends. we went to the historically famous 'residency.' i clicked quite a few pitures of the place itself, then i realised that it was getting repetitive. i convinced one of my friends to model for my pictures. and as it turns out, my photoshoot of her was not meant to be sexy, rather, to portray varying emotions which at times were extreme.i guess i wouldn't be wrong when i called it 'wild beauty.'