Saturday, February 28, 2009

‘There is no golden past, yet we ultimately seek it.’

I read these lines in the description of the song ‘leaving home’ by Indian Ocean. I don’t know what it means, I have to confess. The reason I have quoted them here is because I find them riveting. When I first read it I thought I knew what it was talking about, but on reading them again, I realized that I needed more time to comprehend the writer’s intend behind it.


It’s not just about a ‘golden’ past; so do I think. It specifically IS the past. No matter how traumatic, grandiose or ordinary it is; it is a part of us and what we are. It is the chisel that has carved us, and since it was involved in the carving activity it definitely was carried out with prudence and skill. I know that I have always been the perpetrator of my life. All that I have done…my misgivings in the past, my expectations and my indignations; have not always been justified but they have enabled me to measure my thought process in ordinal terms.


How can I not look back on my past when that is the only permanent?  No matter how humble and deterred the beginning was its result can’t be all that bad. Retrospectively, I desperately would seek my future; presently I know not what to seek. It is not in the memories, the sweet poison of belongingness; it is in the accustomed habits that I bear. 

Friday, February 20, 2009

I watched ‘Delhi 6’ today and I must say, rakeysh omprakash mehra has done a good job with it. Though, I notice that the editor rating for this movie hasn’t been really appreciable. Here again, I must confess that I am not here with a movie review. Just seems like I have been watching quite a few movies lately, which have started evoking my thought process.

Dealing with the subtle nature of the Indian race, (I also realize that this theme is getting repetitive if I retrospect my blog) this movie clears some dooming facts about the very traits of this race. Some dialogues seem ominous and refer to the core of the issue. Mentioning them (not quoting) there is one that says that we Indians are forced to fill our empty stomachs with love because we don’t have money. Doesn’t that so well explain the addiction that foreigners sometimes tend to have with our country? I had always been in two minds about the fact that my vision of this country (that being of a developed nation) would rob this country of its very essence…its faith and religion.

There is certain blindness in the way we Indians tend to believe in religion. And that is what makes its people different from that of other nations. There are certain parts of the country where people, celebrate the festivals of all religions keeping aside their innate differences in religion. But at the same times it is this very cause; religion, that is causing people to wreak havoc in the society.

With such ease we declare the most sensible to be insane…just because they do not fit into the idea of our ‘so called’ society. When our attempts to accept the ones who dare to be different satiates we start condemning them for their sensibility.

We can either accept India with all its faults; which can at times get ethically rhetoric; or we can decide to work on the faults to get rid of them. Though we might lose parts of the real India in that process but we have to lose something in the deal.  

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I always tend to get stuck while predicting the fate of the Indian democracy. In fact I wonder if the word ‘democracy’ rightfully describes the state of the Indian politics. Forget politics…I get confused while attempting to decipher the minds of the Indian people. Hanging somewhere between cultural and developing, they don’t know what class do they appropriately live up to. They aspire for the luxuries of both the categories without sacrificing the minimal requirement for them.


Unable to choose any one and unwilling to muster the two, the fate of the Indian politics is turning into a greater muck with each passing day. Disheveled with this state of paranoia and unable to interpret the consequences of the ‘evolution’ we Indians choose the best way out…extremism. At first opposing it and gradually adapting to the extremist policy we tend to believe that this is the best way to fight the change. What we refuse to understand is that we do not have to ‘fight’ the change; instead we have to ‘accept’ it!


We talk about a progressive society, but when that progressiveness becomes hard to accept we condemn it calling it uncultured. We first need to decide what we want and even more…are we ready for the change we want? If not, then let us not maim the thought of change in the name of culture, religion, faith and all those ideologies that we have long given up. Let us first strengthen our belief in what we do and then act, without giving it second thoughts to it. Let us have the mettle desire to be progressive in true terms.   

Friday, February 6, 2009

I watched ‘dev d’ today. And I really think that this movie is a mere piece of shit (pardon my language though). It’s got nothing apart from addiction (let it be of alcohol, drugs or sex!)Now, I am not here with a movie review. I am here to talk about the more practical aspect of it all. And that is that there are actually men similar to the ‘dev’ (in the movie) in the real world aspect. I am not talking about similarities in regards to the passion part. But the lack of guts to love…that is precisely how I interpret their actions.


Having live examples right around me I find it difficult not to release my frustration at them, so I decided to write and speak it all out and be good to them. Looking at such people around me, I am amazed that they refuse to take responsibility for their actions. They blame their fate on the people around them, and also those not around them…they blame it on the world with the exception of themselves! And all the philosophy that can help them seems to permeate through their thin brains. Nothing good seems to settle there. It’s only the rot thoughts that have a strong grip on their little brains. Even if you try changing yourselves for them…all they see is their own effort; all the others around them never seem to make any effort.


Seeing such specimen around for a while has already made me skeptical about their present. I dare not think of their future. I wonder; when will they understand that life and fate are all in our hands. No one, other than us has any control on it what so ever!