Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I was jogging in a park this morning. Hearing some dogs bark, I picked up the closest piece of sturdy twig in self defense. Turning around I saw that everything had already been settled and there was no reason for me to worry. So after having walked some fifty feet I dropped the twig and continued to jog.

And this is when it dawned upon me that I had possibly been used as an instrument to re-position the twig there to facilitate somebody else. That I was possibly part of a bigger picture that I was unaware of. Just like so many times random people have stepped into my life, performed a deed and vanished in a second, so possibly, I was was playing a similar part. Perhaps, this is how we are inter-weaved into the lives of anonymous people.

I often wonder what is the significance of the trivial. Mostly I receive no answers. But this rare opportunity that I got revealed to me the harmony in daily action. How exciting would it be to know what part am I playing in the grander plan! More importantly, what is the plan, how will it be achieved and why achieve it?