Sunday, January 30, 2011

Life is a cycle-I had realized that long back-

But such a refreshingly tireless one?

I did not know I would learn it!

And yet my guts tell me not to make such sure statements.

I have accepted the defeat of my beliefs already,

But how many times more it is to happen

I am clueless.

And this mere knowledge has allowed me to look upto tomorrow

Like a pupil of destiny- with a curious will-

Comparison to a blank page might not be the best one

But let me just say that I move forward like a new page of a notebook-

Carrying forward my stories and ready to write new ones.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

There is nothing as annoying as being in the middle of a lot of options-

Even more so, when each can be just as decisive!

I don’t like to believe that I need to be practical in life.

I don’t like to do things because everybody around me does it and has the society thinking on the same lines.

I detest telling myself that this one decision can make or break my life!

Why should it be so?

Each day I have the power to create something new, and each thing that I do has its own capacity to build a part in me that was probably dominant all this while.

I like to create an aura of learning around all that I do- this way I can tell myself that I am growing with each experience I take, and that no one experience was a waste!

But apparently, nobody would let me think that ways- experimenting isn’t the best option around- after all it is about your life.

Why so serious?

Monday, January 3, 2011

i seek company of the people i idiolize
and i come closer to the fact that i am just required to be stronger at this moment.
when seeking company i need to search for more strength to sustain myself
on my own.
my weakness can be strength if i find the reason for the secret existence.
i looked at my blog today
and realised that it had been barren for quite some time now.
i am listening to music as i am writing this
in spite of the fact that i prefer silence at such times.
music always distracts.
but today it is behaving differently;
it is forcing me to write by provoking a feeling in me.
as is mostly the case, i leave the feeling unnamed.
they seem beyond the grasp of words like nostalgic and reminiscent,
the words dont describe the tears that my heart bleeds
when it gets in touch with sudden peace
And not just that-it is fulfillment.
it comes with knowing the fact that i am living:
honestly and in my true definition-
living with uncertainity and in the moment-
the secret of all risks, and success.