Tuesday, July 24, 2007


hold on to me. i said intensifying my thoughts. it was leaving me....alone. i wanted it to come back. it had been my only support, my only belief, my only faith. when i was alone i knew it was keeping an eye on me to make sure that my thoughts dont misguide me. i knew you are always there. i dont want to break your faith in me. dont bring me to such a circumstance, and if you do then guide me through it. you are my only solace, my only peace. you are what i want to live for. you are my dream. you wont cheat me if i dont cheat you. coz you are the truth!


Angel spit said...

are these just random thoughts? or are they based on any event. Either way U write pretty well. Cheers n keep blogging

heathen said...

daz wat my lyf is abt. infact iz da lyf of each individual at a point in life. it may stretch as a phase or a habbit. but it crawls in each one of us!