Sunday, July 20, 2008

collapsing soul

i struggle..each come out of the fake reality i dwell in,to breathe in the life that surrounds me,to be one of the happier faces..not just for show!
extending each of my fingers to hold onto a light that i wish to discover and to breathe, but i give up my efforts,i think maybe today i ll discover the peace within me. may be then i would not have to look upto the empty faces to tell me how bad i am.may be then i can just smile each day before i sleep instead of asking god to give me a happier tomorrow.may be then i can thank god for what he has given me today!
things would be better then.i wouldn't have to put on my fake smile eveytime i wish to cry.i wouldn't have to tell people that they are good,i wouldn't have to wait for them to pass on their final judgement.
till then must i kill my soul?

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