Saturday, August 23, 2008

will you?

I smile at your thought, but do you remember
The glow on my face on seeing you?
I do address my thoughts to you,
You are the imagination that comforts me,
But do you still miss the warmth of my smile;
The comfort in my hug;
And the security in my presence?
Do you still believe me
When I tell you that I love you
That I need you just like I did before?
That though we were friends
You were an intricate part of my life;
The reason I could wake up each day
And smile at the warmth of life.
You were the reason I smiled when alone;
The reason I never cried;
How could I in your presence!

But before I continue…
Do I have the right to throw these questions on you?
Will you answer me when
I ask you if you still love me;
May be you answer,
But may be I have not the strength to listen to it.
May be I must just assume
That I still matter to you…
May be that’s the only way I can be happy…