Saturday, April 25, 2009

People follow this common practice of forgetting me. Just when I think I am not alone, I realize I have no one. Looking around reminds me of the failure that I try to forget each moment. Only to realize, that I may try evading from it but it is the life long reality that will possibly be the only constant.


My surroundings being evident of my inefficiencies and incapabilities, every day is a struggle to get over them; ignoring them for how long? I divert my mind off it only to end up one day in a catharsis when all of it strikes me hard. Hard enough to hurt me when I fall!


I am sick of counting my failures. Why don’t you help me get out of them instead of tying me back to all of it? All my attempts to get up are thwarted adding it as another of my failures. I can survive; I have to. Can you accept this fact before you render me useless?


ambika said...

before i comment can I ask what made you think this way?
I have not known you of someone who will be counting failures and inefficiencies.

heathen said...

aftr a real long tym i dint have to make up what i was jst came up.

wrote it during a mood swing.daz it!

ambika said...

thought i completely relate to it.
every thing word the emotions everything.
But as you say you got to see things in different light with a different perception.
do that.
I liked the write up but the feeling with you wrote it.

heathen said...

thanks buds