Monday, December 28, 2009

the exuberant Indian wedding is a possible treat for the likes of me. and i happened to enjoy one of those celebrations when i attended my cousin's wedding. the extravaganza and the lavish shower of blessings (pun intended) turn out to be a fortunate event for quite a few parties involved in the ceremony in different capacities. but keeping this factor apart, i was thrilled at all the involvement of the assorted colors that made the event a memorable one.


Manjari Singh said...

even i like great indian weddings!
lovely pics!

heathen said...

thanks buddy!

Life travails said...

this excerpt from your blogs actually gives the "fat Indian wedding feel"
I got in the festive mood.
As i have always said.
You pictures are so lively that they speak.

heathen said...

ur comments keep my work goin!!

Anonymous said...

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