Monday, September 24, 2007


that is unjust. it is inhuman. but it is still happening: in every society, in every country. women being beaten, electrified and raped, kids being abused and molested, and all of it because of those few men who think that they have all right to determine the life of others. those people who occupy important positions in the society satisfy their personal egos. the plight of others is not a matter of concern and even more they are not answerable to anyone for their actions. the society has been finely divided into castes and religion and without we even realising it, have been influenced. wealth is the criteria for position. true knowledge and wisdom is disrespected. the hearts of people are enclosed in walls domesticated by the evils of the society. security as a citizen is not gauranteed. education is faulty. environment is turning unfriendly. and yet people are surviving.
without respecting the presence of each individual, no society can be healthy. this world has a little kindness left, and it is this kindness that is carrying the cause of humanity with it in some form.

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