Sunday, February 15, 2009

I always tend to get stuck while predicting the fate of the Indian democracy. In fact I wonder if the word ‘democracy’ rightfully describes the state of the Indian politics. Forget politics…I get confused while attempting to decipher the minds of the Indian people. Hanging somewhere between cultural and developing, they don’t know what class do they appropriately live up to. They aspire for the luxuries of both the categories without sacrificing the minimal requirement for them.


Unable to choose any one and unwilling to muster the two, the fate of the Indian politics is turning into a greater muck with each passing day. Disheveled with this state of paranoia and unable to interpret the consequences of the ‘evolution’ we Indians choose the best way out…extremism. At first opposing it and gradually adapting to the extremist policy we tend to believe that this is the best way to fight the change. What we refuse to understand is that we do not have to ‘fight’ the change; instead we have to ‘accept’ it!


We talk about a progressive society, but when that progressiveness becomes hard to accept we condemn it calling it uncultured. We first need to decide what we want and even more…are we ready for the change we want? If not, then let us not maim the thought of change in the name of culture, religion, faith and all those ideologies that we have long given up. Let us first strengthen our belief in what we do and then act, without giving it second thoughts to it. Let us have the mettle desire to be progressive in true terms.   


pourush said...

i like to think of it in only two words..'convenience' n 'incentive'..
fr me every behavioral apsect of an indian has its foundation in these two words..

nice blog btw..

heathen said...

pretty much...we know where the roots lie and we know that cant live with them always!