Friday, February 6, 2009

I watched ‘dev d’ today. And I really think that this movie is a mere piece of shit (pardon my language though). It’s got nothing apart from addiction (let it be of alcohol, drugs or sex!)Now, I am not here with a movie review. I am here to talk about the more practical aspect of it all. And that is that there are actually men similar to the ‘dev’ (in the movie) in the real world aspect. I am not talking about similarities in regards to the passion part. But the lack of guts to love…that is precisely how I interpret their actions.


Having live examples right around me I find it difficult not to release my frustration at them, so I decided to write and speak it all out and be good to them. Looking at such people around me, I am amazed that they refuse to take responsibility for their actions. They blame their fate on the people around them, and also those not around them…they blame it on the world with the exception of themselves! And all the philosophy that can help them seems to permeate through their thin brains. Nothing good seems to settle there. It’s only the rot thoughts that have a strong grip on their little brains. Even if you try changing yourselves for them…all they see is their own effort; all the others around them never seem to make any effort.


Seeing such specimen around for a while has already made me skeptical about their present. I dare not think of their future. I wonder; when will they understand that life and fate are all in our hands. No one, other than us has any control on it what so ever!


ambika said...

Bravo Sam!!
I so agree with you not because that I saw DevD or not but I feel so connected to it.
living with and seeing and fighting it..
you gave a number of solution to me today and so desperately wish that someone else also reads it.

heathen said...

m obliged dat my words helped u buddy!

pourush said...

why do u say the movie is shit, when,
1. u could relate to the character in the movie, however pissed u may be wth him/them..
2. the movie prompted this sudden rage(lookin fr a more subtle word) tht all tht frustration came rushing back..
3. dev has not been glorified in this movie..maybe some might pity him or sympathise wth him(unlikely), but he has been ridiculed throughout..bcoz of his 'lack of guts'..isnt tht wat u believe too??..
4. it sends a positive message, 'drugs, booze, n more drugs fuck u up!!' can this responsible expression be bad??..
5. anurag kashyap spent time wth the dps gal in canada..the movie has her consent..she consiously took a decision to allow anurag kashyap to tell her story, something that everybody wanted to know out of curiosity if not deep concern..

i accept those ppl as they some level we are all like em..we just justify things with our own self righteous arguments n move on..n to an extent, its not always bad..helps to be at peace wth urslef at times, especially when life takes unexpected turns n u need comfort from someone, somewhere, n it doesnt come..
hope i made some sense here!..

heathen said...

may b u r ryt when u raise the above points/...i got pissed off with the movie coz i could relate to it and it reminded me of a person i know and how difficult it is for me to keep a chek on my frustation on his presence.
i hold no respect for a character as this coz i believe it is a sheer lack of guts.
maybe i am getting too judgemental here but this blog is the only vent i have for my thoughts.

with no justifications for such individuals i find it hard to believe that they comfort themselves this way.

you accept them this way...i respect you for it...for you have the patience to bear up with them.i condemn them(i am not exaggerating) coz they are being callous on others by being so.