Thursday, June 18, 2009

After all these days of busy schedules I am back to update my blog. Still have nothing much I can talk about. Or must I say I don’t know where I need to begin. I can’t land on any one thought or any one incident that I would want to narrate to you. It is just a huge mess that it always is. So many thoughts, Ideas, beliefs and events! And after all these days I am just losing track of them all.

I get pissed ,if that is the right word, handling such a puddle. And I don’t get to know when it turns into a fear which is almost uninvited. I get to know about it only a minute before, and am not equipped enough to handle it efficiently on my own. Nor can any one else share it…because it is only me who can clear it up. A puzzle, maze, or whatever you may call it, I can be sure that I don’t want it. I already have a bunch of unaccepted crackpots around me who often get on my nerves; and my own mess over it, isn’t something that I would want at a time when I am supposed to work of those supposedly important issues of life.

I know I am confused, and I also know that no one has a solution to it; that is why I am here uttering this shit to you…just wanted it out before it swallowed me in;)

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