Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trivials must make more sense than I understand
And though at heart we all prefer simplicity
We must pass through all that is complex in order to achieve it.
How each thing ends up being related to the other is incredible.
How intense and complicated the cause and effect relationship can be
I may never completely realize.
So,  I often think of the mundane
And wonder  how important it is?
And of the millions of mundane things I have done so far
There are only a rarity that i recall.
What is the meaning of living and forgetting?
What is the meaning of remembrance?
I feel deja vu out of connection to past
But what that past was I never recall.
Where is the beginning and how farther can it be traced?
The end I wont talk about
Since what happens after it looks like vacuum.
Am I a part of a story or am I the story?
Or perhaps  am too insignificant to be either.
And with these questions I fall in the vicous circle
Of coming back to the long asked question
What am I here for?

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