Thursday, January 29, 2009

I tread on my daily path today just like each day in the past six months. This journey leads me to my college. Not a place I am really fond of, but one that has made me adapt to the changes that have occurred lately in my not-so-long life. Whatever it is, however it is, it has made me accept life as it came to me. But this is not really what I am here to discuss so let me not catch up the wrong path.


I caught my college bus like each other day, and as always I didn’t speak much to the people around me. Instead, this time, instead of playing with my thoughts I chose to free lance my environment and microcosm to which I always belonged but never gratified.


And this time I realized that I had more lessons to learn from the people around me than ever were taught. Values as dedication, sincerity, selflessness, beliefs, acceptance of reality summoned me in a manner I never had thought!


I saw the austerity in happiness of a little child on walking with his grand father; The love in the company of a younger sibling; the freedom of a man in his daily mundane tasks. I witnessed the religious morning offerings of an old man on the corner of the road; the unspoken helplessness of a man wearing a shirt that pronounced freedom of speech, actions and thoughts even as he stood on a dirty road corner reading a newspaper that announced the sufferings inflicted in the name of religion.


I always valued my thoughts galore. But on witnessing a society more thoughtful, valued and content than me… I learnt to look beyond. Significantly or insignificantly, the journey of those around you is their own, but you always tend to be a part of the non dynamic chapters of their lives.  


ambika said...

how simply explained all of making it so lucid.

heathen said...

thanks dude!