Thursday, April 29, 2010

talk to me...for i have nobody
be with me, for i look for company
dont go when i dont talk,
i am just trying to figure out if i will ever be able to manage without you.
i live by the clock that needs new batteries;
but i never buy them.
i like to live when the time does not move,
i like to believe that i dont have to rush through.
for every instance that i look around,
for every detail that i ponder over,
i take away a so called moment
from the so called definition of life.
time ticks by or it doesnt,
i atleast know that i am a bit closer to reality;
the one that illusion creates
runs farther with every piece of it.
the dust that i clear
when i revisit my life
chooses not to settle back ever,
because i promise to construct with them
the path that i have begun to tread upon
for life is not a multiple construction story
but the same one,one above the other.


FaRhAx said...

touchng !!!!!!!!!!!!!! nyc wrk

Life travails said...

This is the most lucid form of your writing that I ever came across.

heathen said...

thanks guys...even i thought i had changed my style a bit here..worked well for me apparently!