Thursday, January 27, 2011

There is nothing as annoying as being in the middle of a lot of options-

Even more so, when each can be just as decisive!

I don’t like to believe that I need to be practical in life.

I don’t like to do things because everybody around me does it and has the society thinking on the same lines.

I detest telling myself that this one decision can make or break my life!

Why should it be so?

Each day I have the power to create something new, and each thing that I do has its own capacity to build a part in me that was probably dominant all this while.

I like to create an aura of learning around all that I do- this way I can tell myself that I am growing with each experience I take, and that no one experience was a waste!

But apparently, nobody would let me think that ways- experimenting isn’t the best option around- after all it is about your life.

Why so serious?