Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I want to be able to close my eyes and be still.

To sense peace in the midst of activity.

I wonder what it is like to lose myself to a moment;

To people, thoughts, songs, or even nothingness.

What is the universe striving for,

I wish I could know.

Aspirations that people have,

I wish I could see them.

I wish i could watch my life through the eyes of an audience

Or an author that wishes to tell his own story.

I wonder what my private moments look like

To the world that I live in.


Sixteen 8 said...

a very nice blog...your writing is very inspiring...

heathen said...

Thats a heavy word-inspiring! But thank u for your views.

Anam said...

WoW! That's really great I will say. I am sure you quite worked hard to get this on place. Just tweeted to my twitter. Please do keep up this work.


Jay said...

Nice Poem ... I hope you are on journey to where you want to be. For many people have asked this and some have found what they were looking for. It certainly is possible to be at peace in the midst of an activity even as hectic as a battle ... but it's an individual journey and maturity that comes along the journey. There will be someone to guide and walk you until next intersection of crossroads, then you walk alone for a while then find another one to guide ... it goes on and on ... occasionally you will meet a seeker less advanced than you, whom you will guide till next intersection ... it goes on and on ... Good luck on your journey.

heathen said...

Thanks Anam!

Jay! You are right. Have met people who have guided me and on them i do count for personal inspiration.

Thank You

moksi said...

i had only one favorite writer, eko daekoni , not until i read your posts in your blog... you're cool . keep it up :)

heathen said...

hey moksi, your compliment really elates me.
Thank You.

kevin said...
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It's a nice blog.

ie said...
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