Sunday, March 8, 2009

Isn’t it because of the shadows that we are able to see the light? Why then am I so scared of my own shadow? Why then do I refuse to walk with my own spectre? 


pourush said...

the most humiliating shame is when even ur shadow refuses to walk with u on a sunny day..
i dont run away from my shadow..infact it always tells me whenever a haircut is due(!!), and whenever im going out of shape!..

heathen said...

so u probably prefer its company:)

Express said...

a shadow signifies the dark side of us. My shadow makes me face the lows in me and because that makes me insecure, i dont wanna have it constantly haunt me.

But for the ones who like to face it, it might b company.

nice attempt.

heathen said...

and also shadows are our reflection of what we are...probably the way the world sees us...its out of may b beautiful and may be not.

thanks buddy!