Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How limited hardships I think I have had when I want to pen it down…and when I look back I think I have had loads. It was only lately when I was thrown into thinking that life had been so good to me. As I started looking back on life I realized I wasn’t that bad! Probably I have treated life too fairly. Life has had quite a few demises. So many that when I looked back on them yesterday I had a tear in my eye. I perceived their complete absence in my life today.
With each lash that I was inflicted with, I seeked an opportunity to learn and move on. I learned that the secret of my life was in moving beyond the unpleasant. Wasn’t that the reason I had almost forgotten the past, and held no bitterness for it on the present date? I learnt to live with the good in life and after taking all that is important from the past I let it rot.
People often commented on how cheerful and full of life I was. I never considered it seriously, after all that was just the way I was! Only when I saw that lack of life in myself did I start thinking of its existence, if there ever was one. And I had to admit…people weren’t wrong. For the first time I considered myself seriously on matters as these. This world supports the survival of the fittest. And if I want to be the one…I need to get the better of myself.

The world around never is the problem…because the problem is always in us!

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