Saturday, December 20, 2008

I knew the secret…I always did, but somehow did not acknowledge it. I knew I was different. I knew things happened the way I thought they would. And I knew I had more in me than others thought. I also knew i I would prove it someday.
I knew I wasn’t the only one knowing it but there weren’t any others I saw disclosing the secret! I realized the power in me, and the powers of my dreams when ever I believed in them. I saw myself working for them. I saw myself living for them.
I thought of my accomplishments so far and realized they brought a lot of hope for the future. They weren’t ordinary…not that they were phenomenal, but they were inspirational. They seemed to be the materialization of my very thoughts.


CяystąL said...

sometimes when we analyze and over-analyze things,they lead us to they?
so just keep it simple..and out of all troubles..tough,yes..impossible,no..
tc buddy!

heathen said...

and you know the end of it...everything has a simple conclusion...whether you accept it or not!