Thursday, December 11, 2008

I don’t really remember when I developed this habit of sending a message to my loved ones through the moon. I know it doesn’t reach them. But I am somehow fascinated with the thought that irrespective of the distances I can feel their presence with me at that point!
It all began with a friend mentioning the beauty of the moon. I decided to explore it too. I would often sit and just stare at it blankly trying to find something interesting in it, till I realized that I had fallen in love with it.
I gradually begun talking to the moon…I mentioned my thoughts to it and then I would try interpreting the message that it was trying to convey to me. And trust me…it does speak a lot. It spoke to give more answers to me everyday! It somehow did not go out of stock…not as yet at least! I see my memories in it; I see new vistas of life that somehow do not occur to the mundane. I learnt what love was by falling in love with it.
It provides me the sense of security that a close one would in that dark night. It shows me beauty in the middle of fear. I understood the pettiness of my thoughts when I would leave myself to the mercy of other petty people. I began to believe in the miracles of life that occur when I am most ignorant. So I left myself in the arms of beauty to frame me so!


Kopal Khanna said...

I think the same!

heathen said...

u knw whr i gt this habbit frm!!