Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I couldn’t stop myself from writing on it anymore!
Barbarism, callousness, ruthlessness and the mere insensitivity of humanity has struck me hard. After all these years of evolution (as I thought it to be) we have fallen back to what we originally were proving the wildness of our blood! I am talking about the treacherous attack in the Indian city that was carried out by a so called group of humans…

If only blood was the solution to all problems…we would be free of problems altogether by now! But a fact to be lamented…it is not. After the thousands of deaths that have hit the Indian city lately not even one has brought us closer to the solution.

I feel a lack of confidence in my existence today. All this while I had my interpretations of life…but lately I have started questioning my own beliefs. if murder was the road to peace…I would happily offer my life. But when would these half brained idiots understand that there is more to things than they see! Behind every life that they take in the name of faith or religion…there are buckets full of tears that are being shed! Behind every shot that they fire…there are dreams that are being shattered…hopes that are devastated…lives that lose their reason.

When would people move towards having an understanding of their differences? When would they realize that just like them…others have dreams too! Would people ever learn to respect the presence of others and move beyond their own selves? All these questions haunt me every time I switch on my television set or read through the newspapers about the plight of people who have lost their near and dear ones, about the reaction of the politicians, and about all those people who have lost their lives in the hands of terror.

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